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Whenever you make a significant change to a process within your practice, you need to be certain of quality, compatibility, security and compliance with privacy legislation. That’s why mi-Transcription uses the latest, leading technology alongside robust procedures.

Our user-friendly web interface mi-Portal integrates seamlessly with the most popular medical practice software suites including Genie, Blue Chip, Medical Director, Best Practice and Shexie.

We understand the highly sensitive nature of your work. Our ‘No Harm’ policy will provide peace of mind through:



  • Our free back-up service to ensure all information at each stage of the process is secure
  • Real-time tracking services to provide up-to-the-minute progress reports for each assignment
  • The ability to review documents as many times as you like, meaning quality is guaranteed. Print, save or send each document ONLY when you are happy with the final version
  • Free electronic delivery of your notes
  • Our free ‘print and post’ service – hard copies of your notes mailed to any destination, with only the postal charges billed
  • Compatibility with all major dictation and transcription platforms including Olympus, Phillips and Sony
  • Advice on the best Dictaphone for your situation and access to mi-Shop
  • Free access to dial-in dictation service Winscribe, meaning no purchase of new software is required


What’s more, if ever you need support, our expert tech team is just a phone call away – 1300 642 546.

Call us on 1300 642 546 to find out how mi-Transcriptions could work for you.


Contact us to find out more information on how mi-Clinic can help you and your practice.

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