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deskBy connecting health professionals to consulting opportunities with businesses and government agencies across Australia, mi-Support’s free mi-Work program can open the door to a lucrative new income stream for you.

Let us take your knowledge and offer it to organisations and individuals looking to better manage the health of their own communities. Perhaps you are keen to provide medico-legal services in cases relating to CTP, WorkCover, income protection and plaintiff legal. Maybe you would be interested in offering peer support or second opinions to General Practitioners.

Assist corporate, insurance industry, legal profession and government clients to make the most intelligent decisions through the provision of expert advisory services, assistance with report development and the provision of training and education.

The mi-Work network extends Australia-wide. The team will work closely with you to source opportunities that you will enjoy, at the right level of income and that compliment your lifestyle and existing schedule. We are on-hand to provide expert support and assistance every step of the way.

mi-Support will ensure minimal impact on your clinical practice. Aside from customising a schedule of consulting opportunities to meet your individual preferences, our team can support you with:

  • managing your appointment diary
  • administrative tasks, such as transcriptions
  • modern, well-equipped consulting rooms
  • invoicing and debt management
  • storage of medical files
  • understanding relevant claims issues and legislations
  • taking care of all travel arrangements, should you choose to consult interstate.

And it’s not just about increasing your income stream. The benefits of using mi-Work are substantial and include:

  • enhancing your medical report compilation and assessment skills
  • extending your range of clinical and intellectual stimulation
  • retaining your independence and professional identity
  • no notable increase in medical practice costs
  • no further administrative commitments
  • responsibilities remaining within the normal doctor-patient and related ethical obligations
  • professional indemnity costs being substantially diminished

For more information on consulting opportunities with mlcoa, Next Health, ASSESS and CaseWorks, or over 50 other international medico-legal businesses call us today on 1300 642 546.

Contact us to find out more information on how mi-Clinic can help you and your practice.

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