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What They Say About Us

“I have said before that I think your staff are extraordinary – making sense of the rubbish I dictate is an artform.”

Dr. Mary Obele Occupational Physician

“The reports the team typed from my dictations were fantastic. I can’t believe how good they look. Those were very complex reports, thanks so much for all your help.”

Dr. Sue Hergenhan

“I would like to take the chance to commend the transcription team on the extremely high quality of their transcription. Far superior to other places I have worked.”

Mr Martin Jackson Neuropsychologist

“I want to say that this was the best typing I have ever had.  Don’t get me wrong, the typing is always of a high standard, but this was perfect. I didn’t have to change any of the capitalisations of test names or anything – not a single edit required.  Please pass on my compliments to the typist and, if possible, can I have them again?”

MES Solutions

“We have realised significant cost savings and get our reports back in less than half the time through utilisation of mi-Support services. Their responsiveness to all of our inquiries has always been outstanding and they have been readily willing to create processes that fit the needs of our organisation.”

Dr.Bodel Orthopaedic Surgeon

“I wish to thank the mi-Support team for consistently providing quick turnaround, a high quality report and exceptional customer service. We are delighted to have mi-Support as our supplier in the production of our Medical Legal reports. We see the mi-Support team as being of strategic importance to our growth.”

Dr. Scott-Morrow Orthopaedic Surgeon

“I worked my way through my graduate degree by transcribing cardiology dictations, and I’m telling you that it’s not easy. Sometimes the work is boring, and sometimes you can’t understand what the doctor is saying, or they go too fast. I’m sure I’m guilty of all of those things as well, and I just want to say that I really appreciate mi-Support’s work.”

Dr. Curtis Gray Psychiatrist

“Pass on my compliments to the typist for this one. Top-shelf stuff. Much appreciated.”

MES Solutions

“Please extend our thanks to the team for working so hard to get our reports back to us as early as possible today.  We appreciate you all very much!”

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